Cyber Security for Westerly, Rhode Island

Cyber Security for Westerly, Rhode Island There is no question that cyber-crime pays. Big time. Recently business losses have grown almost exponentially every year, now averaging well over $1 trillion worldwide. Today, over two-thirds of all organizations report some kind of incident related to cyber-crime, highlighting the need for increased cyber security on all levels. Fortunately for area businesses Leominster, MA-based ClearTech Group offers world class cyber protection.

The cyber security experts at ClearTech Group can help organizations like yours with iron-clad IT system protection, including:

  • Hardened, multi-layered security solutions for your hardware and software
  • Expanded protection for remote workforces
  • Employee cyber security training
  • Complete systems and data back-up for secure business redundancy
  • Comprehensive strategic and tactical IT support for 24/7/365 protection

The need for cyber security for Westerly, Rhode Island has never been greater. The unfortunate reality today is that every business, agency, organization, and institution — regardless of size and location — is a target of opportunity for cyber criminals. No longer simple basement hackers, today’s digital criminals are highly sophisticated and experienced experts using the latest tools and techniques to break into IT systems and steal money, data, and anything else of value.

Cyber threats are real and growing. Some of the most prevalent include:

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Hybrid malware
  • Ransomware
  • Fileless malware
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Malvertising

The benefits of Westerly, Rhode Island cyber security go beyond just protecting your data and bottom line. An enhanced cyber security program from Cleartech Group helps increase productivity, protect customers, inspire confidence in your business, and helps build your brand through a secure, reliable online presence free from cyber threats.

Cyber security for Westerly, Rhode Island isn’t the only IT solution we provide here at ClearTech Group. Our trusted IT consultants can gain an in-depth knowledge of your company’s operations then use it to evaluate your current technology solutions and provide an efficient IT strategy to best achieve your business goals. By implementing proven IT solutions that match your business, industry and operational requirements, we can help streamline your operations, increase capabilities and productivity, and reduce costs. Want to know more? Contact us today. We’d be happy to help you.