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We’re proud to be experts in our field, constantly captivated by everything technology can do, and always staying ahead of the curve. It’s our privilege to share our knowledge with growing companies, acting as their I.T. departments, from Help Desk to strategic planning addressing our clients’ business goals, from near-term to long-term.
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Tony Fields

Founder & President

Technology and a We Have Your Back spirit are Tony’s tools to protect, empower and inspire Cleartech Group clients: finding out what each business is trying to accomplish and then identifying, deploying and monitoring the best hardware and software to deliver on those goals.

Tony’s own tech journey began as a pre-teen tinkering with Radio Shack gadgets, then on to the Air Force tracking satellites and more, followed by over 20 years in all levels of I.T. support, a great foundation for the strategic advice he’s able to offer CEOs and company managers in a variety of industries, mapping out their best near-term and long-term tech options.

A graduate of Park University, the Tufts/Goldman Sachs Emerging Leader program, and the Community Colleges of the Air Force and Mount Wachusett, Tony is active in the community, including coaching girls’ basketball (more than just games won and lost: teamwork, goal-setting and achievement) and local STEM programs. Kids are our future!

Mike Burdett

Network Engineer

“Be humble. Be happy with what you have and give thanks for the little things.” Words to live by for Mike Burdett, who has a flair for taking big, seemingly insurmountable tasks and breaking them into smaller, more manageable pieces.

It’s a strategy which often sees him coming out the other side to success, with accuracy, follow-through and our favorite: smiling, happy customers.

Living in Central Massachusetts since Day 1, Mike got hooked on technology the first time he saw a computer, diving in further as online got real with each Internet growth spurt. A graduate of Framingham State with certificates in computer networking and Microsoft systems, Mike’s background in multiple industries, from consumer electronics and finance to large scale construction and beyond, is a big asset for our clients. Mike enjoys helping people and making the world better, one client at a time, through honest, professional advice and service.

Joy Gallant

Client Services Manager

“Do the right thing even if nobody’s watching.” Those words center Joy Gallant, who enjoys I.T. troubleshooting and finding solutions to resolve client problems and meet ongoing needs. With both a B.A. and an M.A. in Computer Science, Joy is certified in Information Technology Systems Management and in the LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt approach to streamlining business processes.

A good listener, Joy follows the latest tech trends, learning and sharing what she knows, having logged many years in tech support for computers, consumer services, and in healthcare, and at one point as an I.T. professor for AMA Computer University. Joining Cleartech Group’s squad of I.T. superheroes, going above and beyond to solve problems, says Joy, is an honor and a privilege.

With an interest in thinking about and exploring the unknown, Joy’s fearlessness in the face of tech challenges carries over into her personal life, with bungee jumping and skydiving competing for space on her Yet To Do list. Professionally, her advice to businesses is simple: let us be your superheroes and we’ll be there to help you.

Hector Santiago

Help Desk Technician

Technology and gadget enthusiast, artist, bookworm, comic book fan, science fiction nerd, pro binge watcher, pop culture trivia expert… there’s so much you can say about Hector Santiago, but what our clients say is: send him over!

Fascinated by PCs at an early age, Hector racked up honors in his high school Information Tech program, earned his degree at Quinsigamond Community College, and jumped into a tech career. Dreams include creating a hit comic book and designing his own interactive software but in the here and now, Hector appreciates the human side of Cleartech’s mission: “Our team is genuine, hardworking, and bound together by core values and camaraderie. We always put our clients first and whether you speak to one of our many techs or our admin staff, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with a team that cares.”

Best day on the job so far? “Helping a client recover from a crypto ransomware infection which had them at risk of losing six years of data, then seeing the relief on their faces when we got them back up and running in less than a business day.”

Jared Fields

Service Technician

What’s it like being from a family led for generations by folks who know their way around computers? Jared Fields has tech in his blood but is blazing his own trail, piling up COMPTIA and CISCO certifications in tech support, networking, and IT troubleshooting, following service in the Army National Guard and training at the Fort Gordon Signal School.

Many roles in the Guard – from warehouse shipping and receiving to graphic design, printing, transportation and signal specialist – have proved an asset in serving Cleartech’s varied customer base. Favorite assignment so far: “Implementing a full network upgrade package: file server, firewall, Active Directory Migration and wireless alignment. It was satisfying to create a level networking foundation for the client to build on and watch their productivity skyrocket.”

Other pursuits for Jared include PC and console gaming; hiking and the great outdoors; volunteering; family time; and travel, with Europe and Africa in his sights within the next few years. His personal philosophy: “Push forward – it doesn’t matter that you get knocked down – it only matters that you find the will to get back up.”

Nhon Pham

Service Technician

“My friends think I just sit behind a computer all day doing nothing,” says Nhon, “but that couldn’t be further from the truth.” What he does do is make a difference. “I love what I do at Cleartech Group because I believe I bring joy to people’s lives. At the end of the day, when you solve a person’s issue, they don’t have to deal with it anymore.”

A graduate of Fitchburg State University with a B.S. in computer information systems and minors in computer science and business administration, Nhon has also worked as a pharmacy tech and as an I.T. technician for an office supplies giant. No matter what he does, he believes in being fully present – whether it’s calming a client with a crisis, watching a movie, sports, or time with family and friends.

“Life is short – my brother passed away at a young age, teaching me a valuable lesson. Tomorrow is never promised so I live like every day is my last. I try to stay as positive as I can because life is too short to be angry or upset at things you can’t really control.”

Keith Eaton

Service Technician

“Tech is always evolving and it might seem hard to keep up, but we are here to help your business grow as technology grows.” Keith Eaton knows a bit about evolving, with a BBA Accounting degree from the UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management, where he also worked as a computer technician. After graduation, he signed on as a tax accountant at one of the largest accounting firms in the U.S. but still wanted to learn more about I.T., earning a Computer Information Systems degree from Mount Wachusett Community College.

A believer in the maxim that there’s no reason to fear failure, because it is our greatest teacher, Keith has wanted to work in tech since he was a kid. His personal mission: living life happily and helping those around him to be happy too. Cleartech, he says, makes the world better by doing our best to take care of all our customers’ technology needs.

Special interests for Keith include cybersecurity, machine learning, big data, psychology and dogs.

Rachel Summerton

Business Manager

“Cleartech Group is so much more than an I.T. Solutions company,” says Rachel. “We are a team of caring individuals, coming together to serve our clients, always striving for excellence in all that we do. We take pride in building strong relationships with our clients so they feel we are an extension of their business, not just an I.T. company they call when they have an issue.”

Very true, and Rachel is so much more than the Business Manager. As the glue that holds the moving parts together, Rachel has maintained an ownership approach to every company she’s worked for, and loves helping business owners achieve their goals any way she can. That includes lots of teamwork, and overseeing major functions of the business.

Rachel began her career as a New Media Coordinator at a publishing company while earning a Computer Specialist diploma from Chubb Institute of Technology. From there, Rachel worked for an ISP as a Tech Support Supervisor, then branched out to Office Management and Bookkeeping in different industries, serving as I.T. Coordinator of a large non-profit before joining Cleartech Group in 2013.

Off the clock, Rachel enjoys reading, nature and spending time with her family.

Debra Rivera

Marketing Coordinator

Advice from Debra: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we’re here to help!” and “Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself.” Right on both counts! Originally from Washington State, Debra’s professional footsteps track back to St. Joseph’s College of Maine, where she earned a B.A. in Business with a concentration in marketing.

Debra has worked in small office management, accounting, and as a teaching assistant in a kindergarten classroom, and loves collaborative projects, reflecting that “hearing other points of view is what makes life interesting.” Other passions: taking photos, spending time with loved ones, reading, wandering through libraries and art museums, traveling, hiking, and maybe someday writing a children’s or young adult book and owning a bookstore.

“Being part of the Cleartech team,” says Debra, “is really special. It’s a team with high integrity and passion for helping our clients achieve their own success. I’ve worked in a lot of situations and it’s incredibly rare to find the kind of culture we have here.”

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