Mobile Device Management

Helping You Take Control of the Mobile Devices in Your Business

Mobile devices easily connect us to friends and family, but they also make us more connected to our job and, at times, give us the flexibility to answer emails or close a deal from anywhere (remotely).  What is the impact on a business if an employee loses their phone, or suddenly quits and takes their device with them?

Have you thought about all of the company information that is held on that device?

Mobile Device Management puts you back in the driver’s seat of mobile device use in your business, whether devices are company-issued or employee personal property.  Mobile Device Management also affords you the ability to control how devices are used within your office.

Take a look at some of the features you can take advantage of when implementing Mobile Device Management for your business:

Geofencing: Take control of what your employees can and cannot do on their mobile devices while they are in your office and on your time!

Automatic Deletion: Guard against stolen or lost devices and rogue or ex-employees with company information on their personal mobile devices.  You can quickly and easily wipe all of your confidential company information from the device remotely with just a few clicks.

Enhanced Security: Ensure that your employees are taking the same security measures you are on their personal and company devices by regulating security provisions.

Give yourself the flexibility and peace of mind knowing that a Cleartech expert technician has helped you regain control of the mobile devices in your business!